Bring The Light

by Architect of Sound

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Debut album from the organic electronica sonic tribe Architect of Sound. AOS's music is a unique genre-defying blend of electronica and organic instrumentation with bitter sweet female vocals and hip hop lyrical fire.


released October 1, 2014

Composition, Arrangement, Production: Adam A. Johnson
Lyrics and Vocals: Guido Corleone aka Amor One
Vocals: Natasha Rrrr
Electric Guitar: T. Wesley
Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar: Matt Rinker
Saxophone: Walter Tate

Piano: Eli Staples 

Violin: Alexandra Hervish 

Drums: Steve Riley



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Architect of Sound

Architect of Sound (TM) is a sonic tribe of musicians, vocalists, and lyricists founded by music composer and producer Adam A. Johnson. Major contributors include vocalist Natasha Rrrr and “Socio-politcal Gangster of Love” Guido Corleone aka Amore One of the internationally renowned LA based act the Luminaries. ... more

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Track Name: You Bring Light
You bring light into my life
Guiding me when I lose site
Feeling free yeah I just might
Find the strength forged in the fight

You bring light into my life
Open minds and open blinds
Like a newborn's open eyes
Love prevails and hatred dies
Track Name: On My Own

Why did you go?
You left me alone
Tending this fire on my own
All alone
Track Name: 2 Da' Heart Wit'
This is to the heart wit'


Hey hey DJ have you any soul
Yes ma'am yes ma'am three bags full
One for the music
None for the fame
The rest for the dance floor sweatin' in the game
Track Name: Circle Boy
He's my circle boy runnin' round
I found him like an angel under the ground

I'm his triangle girl
He found me in a corner at the edge of the world

I try to live life at right angles
But he smoothed them out
We're lost, but we're found
He tries to keep on, keep on, keep on goin'
But I brought him to a point
We are lost, but we're joined

As circle boy, triangle girl
We can make our way around this world

Circle circle circle your arms around me
We will fit together
Circle circle circle your arms around me
We will fit together

I will plant your seed
I will grow your tree
I will set you free
Circle boy, just you and me

And I will be your hypotheses
I can prove, I can prove that we were meant to be
We were meant to be

Circle circle circle your arms around me
We will fit together
Circle circle circle your arms around me
We will fit together
Track Name: Down This Road
So let's go
Let's go down the road
This road is all we know
All the pieces all the places all the shows